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About the Data Analytics Laboratory


About the Data Analytics Laboratory

As a leading academic institution, the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) is spearheading numerous initiatives to deliver impactful/groundbreaking research in the big data arena. One of these initiatives was the establishment of the Data Analytics Laboratory  in 2011, to serve as a focal point for innovative research and curriculum development.


Our aim is to coordinate our efforts, bring about synergies, and leverage our collective expertise to address the growing big data challenges.

The Data Analytics Lab will build upon the extensive expertise of TUB investigators in scalable and high-velocity data processing, information integration, statistics, visualization, machine learning, signal processing, compression, security, and networking.

Through the Data Analytics Lab we will educate data scientists that master the challenges of big data with respect to volume, velocity, variety, veracity and visualization. We will conduct research to explore the online (i.e., low latency) analysis of large data sets (i.e., the processing of complex data and control flows on large data sets, within guaranteed time-constraints), with a particular focus on integrating data of complex media types and reporting the veracity of the derived information.


Your application for an individual "consultation hour" with one of our "Data Science and Engineering" advisors, please send/give to:   

Claudia Gantzer, +49 314 23555 / room EN-728 / email: 

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Data Science and Engineering Track Contact

Juan Soto
+49 30 314 23551
Raum Office: E-N 724